Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated.  Whether you lost a lot or a little… if you made it through the whole contest– that is something to be proud of!  Below is a little of winners and honorable mentions.  If you are a winner you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to claim […]

How to Complete the Contest

There are a three steps to complete the contest. First, complete the fitness test for the last time. You will be doing that Saturday, April 5th. Second, post your results on the forum located on this website (under Community, click on Fitness Testing). Third, go to this link and fill out the exit form in […]

Prize Packages

The contest hit the half way mark on Wednesday.  But, you still have plenty of time to make some serious changes.  You can accomplish a lot in 40 days.  So if you’ve had a minor set back or a bad week– don’t worry about it.  Re-commit yourself and get back to the challenge!  To keep […]

Challenge Announcement: Save the Date

Fiscus Fitness has arranged a special challenge for all participants on Saturday, March 15th, 2014. The challenge that day will involve some sort of physical activity outside of your workouts and your home.  You will have three options– one of them is ice skating. To help you meet this challenge, Skate Frederick will be holding […]

Two Weeks Down

Two weeks down, 11 to go. By now you should be feeling different.  Whether you feel lighter, healthier or stronger… you should be noticing some sort of change. Take that feeling and use it as motivation to power through this next week. The novelty of the challenge may be wearing off.  You may be tired […]

Checking in: One Week Down

A week down…12 more to go! How did you do? If you’re disappointed with your week one results, brush it off… pick yourself up and move ahead at full force.  12 weeks is still plenty of time to make an amazing change.  If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you’re never going to think your […]

Transform Your Body in 90 Days

Thank you for your interest in the “The Fit Side of Frederick – 90 Day Challenge.” To participate in the challenge, you must complete the following two steps. Please note that you are not officially registered until these steps are both complete. Register for an account here on our Community. Fill out the Information form. Please be […]

Challenge Starts Monday

*~*~*The Fit in Frederick Challenge starts Monday, January 6th!  We will be posting challenges, at noon the day before so you have enough time to figure out how and when you will complete it. *~*~* You can check this website (under challenges), Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Don’t forget to set up a fitinfrederick account, so […]

Welcome to the Challenge

Starting January 6th, The Frederick News Post will be co-sponsoring a community-wide 90 day fitness challenge to start the new year right with one of our community bloggers, Michelle Fiscus, co-owner of Fiscus Fitness. Michelle and her husband Quinn will be providing us with their expertise and encouragement – posting a new fitness challenge everyday […]